– I’m a Liar.

– Liar?

– I’m a compulsive liar.

– Compulsive?

– Yes perhaps compulsive.

– Hmm ... Have you ever said that out loud?

– No, maybe only to myself in the mirror.

– Well that’s a lie.

– Why?

– You don’t look at yourself in the mirror, I’ve seen it.

– Well not really, but I have too.

– Would it be terrible to say this is so you?

– Yea –it would, but in a french sort of way.

– How’s that?

– Well in French terrible can be slang for ‘dope’, like ‘sick’.

– Is that a lie?

– Maybe, I don’t remember.

– I don’t mind your lies. They tell me more about you then you think
...because sooner or later you always admit to them. You can’t help it.

– I can’t help it?

– No, because it’s only fun if you get away with it,
and even then– only if you tell someone … and Im all you have.”