– She called me a Narcissist once.

– I mean, you do talk about yourself a lot.

– Yea. I wish she saw what I wrote though.

– So she'd say your Dyslexic too.

– hahaha (cough)(sneeze).

– Sick?

– Yea.

– That's hilarious.

– Why?

– I mean, you're gonna say you want to feel better ... normal.

– Yea, doesn't everyone.

– But come on, as if you were normal in first place. You're like Louis Althusar normal.
Killing your wife by massaging her normal.

– Jesus.

– Yea, Jesus kinda normal. You have your own reality. You'd love to be like cult famous.

– Everyone wants to be famous, I just want to be myself.

– You won't be.

– Famous?

– No, yourself.