– It's lust, it's all lust.

– How do you mean?

– My canvases, my art. It's all desire -a hunger for flesh. It's overwhelming.

– We all desire, it's natural ... dare I say necessary.

– Necessary? I think it's distracting.

– Then why do you paint them?

– Cause I have too, I want too, It seduces me and quenches some form
of yearning. It literally feels like peeing.

– So figuratively?

– No ... not figuratively! Literally encompasses the hyperbolic scale
of the figurative action that I'm alluding to as a -metaphor.

– Would that be a metaphor?

– Painting nake bodies is like peeing. Right ? I mean –to simplify

– That's a similie.

– Yes, but isn't a simile just a dumbed down metaphor ?

– A metaphore is a smartened simile.

– Smartened?

– Smartened, I stand by it.